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Remote Training with ENG Infotech

The traditional way of in-person training has many benefits but remote training has become very popular for technical training. ENG Infotech has found that newest generation in our workforce is more comfortable with this style of training since communication and training technology has matured and evolved over the last few years. From an owner’s perspective, remote training is attractive because it is cost effective. But what should you expect from ENG Infotech when you hire us to facilitate your remote training?

Before we even get started on the training, we will be contacting you in order to set up the training schedule. The type of training that is to be done will dictate how strict the schedule will be but we do understand that business needs are different and we will work with your schedule. You will be given information about the classes that are to be taken place. Sometimes even given short 2-3 minute videos to get you familiar with the training material. These videos will still be available after the training is completed. This way you have access to them for additional training of new employees or refreshers for anyone who wants them.

Once the training schedule is set, we may have a few questions for you. We will want to know where the training will be held to make sure that the space is set in a quiet area with access to a computer and phone system. We will check to ensure everyone will be able to see and participate. Our trainers are excellent at making these sessions entertaining and engaging so everyone gets the most out of each class. We will deliver the information in a way that gets everyone involved and that will aid in comprehension and retention.

Our involvement does not end with the last session. Our trainers stay available to you for a few days after training is completed (how long depends on the subject matter). We will ensure that you have all of the resources needed to make the transition is as smooth as possible. Depending on the training subject, we may even be checking in with you from time to time to see if any questions have come up or any concerns that we may assist you with.

ENG Infotech is dedicated to making sure your training experience is one that makes you feel comfortable with the information provided. Let our experienced trainers help you through the transition in a fun and informative way.

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