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 Coronavirus COVID-19

March 16,2020

Like you, we’re monitoring the latest news about the coronavirus daily.  It has quickly become a factor in all facets of our lives, family, business and culture.  We wanted to take a moment to update you on ENG’s perspective.  For facts, figures, recommendations and all health-related questions and answers, we would refer you to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website  This is where we go to get updates.  We strongly suggest you follow sites and organizations like this for your own health guidance.


Coronavirus is beginning to affect our work.  We can see changes taking place in how our customers are conducting their business.  As long as they continue to do business, we will continue to support them.  And as part of the ENG Family, we will continue to support you. 


Today some of our work is done remotely.  You conduct and complete this work from your home office.  We believe that the amount of remote work our customers are asking us to do may increase.  Some of our work may need to continue to be done on site, which may include travel.  If you are uncomfortable or feel you are at high risk of illness, we will do our utmost to support this.


The U.S. is in a situation that can generate concern, anxiety and fear.  We will continue to conduct our business based on CDC recommendations, support our clients and help our Family get through this.  We commit to communicate everything we know to you on a timely basis.  That’s our promise.

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We are a Proud Corporate Sponsor of HFTP

Andrew 2020 Stakeholders Conference at t
2020 Stakeholder Conf.jpg

Andrew Kraemer, Senior Vice President of Operations for ENG Infotech recently attended the 2020 Stakeholders Conference at the Dubai Parks and Resorts in Dubai, UAE. 


This important networking event was attended by both suppliers and buyers that operate in the Middle East as well as Europe. 

Andrew was there expanding ENG’s reach and influence in the EMEA markets.  Showcasing our experience and talent in software implementation, training and support, he established several new promising contacts in the region while continuing to work established relationships. 

Andrew will continue to grow ENG Infotech’s global presence at the International Hotel Technology Forum in Vienna, Austria in March and HITEC Europe in Mallorca, Spain in April.

12th year supporting the MSDC Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange in Atlanta. 

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