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Sales and Catering Training Specialist Job

Location: Remote Position Work from Home and Travel 80% of the time.


A Training Specialist builds trust in the product and company, and maintains positive relationships with our customers.  Success in this role typically requires the specialist to work closely with the Professional Services teams to deliver high customer satisfaction.


Major Responsibilities



Be an advocate for Hospitality Software Company and its products.

Travel approximately 80% of the time conducting product trainings to customers.

Be proficient in conducting trainings for Hospitality Software Company suite of products.

Complete all post-communication follow up work

Maintain communication with direct supervisor during home weeks

Communicate with Technical teams to troubleshoot and inform of any technical difficulties

Preparation Duties

Communicate with Project Managers to discuss training tasks assigned prior to travel

Work with Project Managers and/or Travel Agencies to ensure travel arrangement is complete prior to travel

Ensure preparation documentation has been received and understood prior to travel

Contact sites one week prior to training for accommodation and training room arrangements confirmation.

Onsite or Remote Training Duties

Ensure that each training class has been properly trained according to the agreed upon training schedule

Minimize the amount of complimentary training given to sites by ensuring that the client is trained effectively on the product in the amount of time given

Handle conflict situations calmly and professionally, and make sure any decisions made are in the best interest of both the Hospitality Software Company and the client

Remain in control of the classroom without appearing demanding or overbearing

Maintain patience and understanding during the training process

Never show anger or be condescending to trainees; manage difficult trainees tactfully

Provide creative solutions to challenges that arise while onsite

Provide a friendly training environment by being approachable to trainees

Take initiative in ensuring that any challenges are proactively discussed

Communicate any issues affect completing training to the appropriate Professional Services manager prior to leaving the site

Post Training Duties

Complete training recapitulations in a timely manner

Complete expense reports and time sheets each week in a timely manner


Other Responsibilities

Work as first level support to help customers with their application problems reported

Coordinate and complete merge forms, BEOs and banquet checks for sites

Provide feedback to team leaders and managers to proactively assist on continual process and methodology improvements

In-house training for Hospitality Software Company employees

Assist other departments as needed; including with tasks such as customize training agenda, customer service wellness calls, and etc.

Other duties as assigned.




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