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Nurse Staffing

Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical  Nurses (LPN),

Certified Nurses Aides (CNA)

Licenses Vocational Nurses (LVN), Leadership Nursing roles and more.

Allied Health Staffing

Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Lab Technicians, Imaging Professionals and more.

Clinical Staffing

Physicians, Physician Assistant, Nurses, Pharmacy Technicians, Advanced Practitioner and more.


Support Staffing

Medical Biller, Medical Coder, Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Transcriptionist and more.

Nurse Taking Notes

Trust is at the core of no other profession more than in healthcare. During the process, clients can fully put their trust in our integrity knowing that we offer the highest level of quality assurance. Under our Healthcare Staffing Services, we focus on providing superior patient care and strive to deliver better-quality patient outcomes throughout the U.S. We deliver services that strengthen the elements of trust and encourage long-term relationships between our client and the staff provided. We collaborate with many of the nation’s most prestigious healthcare facilities to meet the acute staffing needs and offer round-the-clock, unparalleled patient care. 


ENGINFOTECH offers custom services for its clientele never compromising on quality and aiming to provide best cost-effective solutions. We keep a deep insight in developing staff for healthcare industry as well as strongly believing in imparting revolutionary technological services to this sector.

From specific tailored training packages to patient-centric and outcome based care models, we provide healthcare players transformed business models with appropriate  healthcare IT solutions.

To optimize customer engagement and customer experience, we deliver models and enhance operational efficiencies through automation and integration, while adhering to all regulatory requirements.

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